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The Dangers of Social Isolation


Social isolation rarely happens during our younger years. We have all the reasons and abilities to socialize between school, work, and other hobbies we can perform with ease. 
But providing home safety in North Carolina has taught us how many seniors and older adults become at risk of social isolation. The declining health that many seniors face can stop them from getting the socialization they want and need. What are the dangers that come with this situation?

  • Intense Loneliness 
    Being socially isolated can lead to intense loneliness. This feeling can be normal to some extent. While it is normal to feel this occasionally, it is not, in any way, pleasant. It can degrade the overall quality of life of a person when prolonged. 
  • Paving Way for Mental Conditions
    As mentioned, this loneliness will be heavy on the mental wellness of seniors and older adults. This stress can slowly wear away our mental fortitude, paving the way for many mental conditions like depression and anxiety disorders to develop. Proper emotional support may help counter the course of these mental conditions. 
  • Weakened Cognition 
    Additionally, social interactions are some of the best ways to sharpen the human mind. With social isolation, it is easier to experience weakening cognitive abilities. Social isolation may speed up the process of natural cognitive decline. 

With proper companionship care, consistent and compassionate assistance, as well as adequate respite care for care providers, the dangers of social isolation can be mitigated. 

Here at Tender Home Care Agency, we want you to live life without knowing about these dangers at all. And we can do that with our range of home care services in Gastonia, North Carolina. Feel free to call us for your inquiries!

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