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Personal and Companionship Care


If your senior loved one is having trouble getting through the day because of old age and various health complications, it might be time to hire home care services in Gastonia, North Carolina. At Tender Home Care Agency, we provide professional caregivers who can help make daily living easier for their clients by providing individualized personal care and companion care.

As adults age, it becomes troublesome for them to do even the most basic tasks. Sometimes, senior care professionals are needed to help them with routine activities like brushing their teeth, getting dressed, going to the toilet, and taking a bath. This problem is aggravated by mobility and incontinence problems, among other health concerns.

Home safety in North Carolina is part of what our caregivers focus on, so they also help perform household chores like cleaning to keep the home safe and free of clutter and dust. A clean home is also a healthy home. In addition, our caregivers can also do the laundry, prepare meals, do other chores, and run basic errands.

In addition to helping around the house, our caregivers provide companionship care services. They give clients emotional support by engaging them in regular conversations. They also do fun activities, like playing games and solving puzzles. Likewise, they can accompany clients on out-of-the-house activities like a walk in the park or a trip to the grocery store.

When your primary caregiver is on leave, we also provide respite care services. And our temporary caregivers are just as excellent in providing home care services.

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