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How Seniors Keep Fit and Healthy


Getting enough exercise is an essential part of healthy aging for seniors. However, what exercises are safe for seniors to do and how often should they be doing these? Hiring home care services in Gastonia, North Carolina can help you address these concerns. At Tender Home Care Agency, our caregivers are trained to help clients stay fit in safe and effective ways.

Studies say adults 65 years old and above need around 150 minutes of moderate-level exercises or 75 minutes of intense exercises per week. Plus, they need to do workouts that improve their balance, mobility, and strength in equal measure. This is where professional caregivers come in.

The appropriate senior care professional can draft a seven-day exercise plan that covers the different exercises their clients need to stay healthy without overwhelming them. These include workouts that involve activities as simple as running and as strenuous as lifting weights.

Home safety in North Carolina is a priority for our caregivers. After carefully assessing their clients, caregivers can implement the proper workout routines for them to do. They can also guide clients through outdoor exercises when weather conditions permit. If needed, our caregivers can also provide emergency care and rehabilitation services.

If ever the client’s primary caregiver needs to go on leave for a day or a few hours, we can provide respite care services. Your temporary caregiver will be properly briefed on everything about the client, including their exercise plan.

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