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A Temporary Break from Responsibilities


Considering the demanding nature of being a care provider, burnout and exhaustion are quite common. And yes, burnout and exhaustion can result in stress that may cause mental illnesses and can also greatly affect a care provider’s performance and quality of care, which is why rest and time to unwind are vital.

Are you a primary or family care provider in dire need of rest? If so, let Tender Home Care Agency help by availing of our respite care services!

Here, not only do we provide quality home care services in Gastonia, North Carolina, but we also offer respite to family or primary care providers to enable you to get the much-needed rest that you need. Our professional caregivers are also well-versed in their field, impeccably skilled, and not to mention compassionate, so rest assured that your senior loved one’s every need will be attended to as you take the time to rest, unwind, and put your feet up the table.

So go ahead and get the much-needed break that you need. You know you deserve it. And as you do so, you can gain peace of mind that your senior folk’s health, overall wellness, and home safety in North Carolina will be prioritized with the help of our services!

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